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ShiftNEW! SHIFT: The Beginning of War, the Ending of War

“What if someone could convince you that we actually have the power to permanently end war? What if someone could convince you that once we resolve to make that happen, we could free ourselves from war in two generations or less?”

With those words, evolutionary biologist Judith Hand opens her exploration of why we make war, when we started making war, and why and how we can, if we choose, move forward into a future without war. In accessible, clear language, Hand marshals knowledge and insight from biological, cultural, and political sciences to persuasively make her case. The depth and breadth of knowledge covered makes it essential reading for anyone interested in war and peace. The notion that we might actually be able to abolish war may seem—may in fact be—utopian, but Dr. Hand explains why and how this achievement is possible. Read reviews and more.


Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace

Women, Power, and the Biology of Peace by Judith HandFour millennia of recorded history seem to prove beyond question that war is inevitable. This book refutes that conclusion. It explains the biological basis of war and describes essential and achievable steps needed to foster lasting peace. It presents a fresh, unique approach that rests not on armchair philosophy or wishful thinking but on a solid biological foundation. Using fields as diverse as anthropology, primatology, social history, neurophysiology, and evolutionary biology, Dr. Hand builds a convincing argument for the role women must play in partnership with men to convert the dream of a peaceful future into reality. Learn more.

A Future Without War

AFWW: The Core EssaysIn readily accessible language, evolutionary biologist Dr. Judith L. Hand explores, from a biological perspective, the root causes of war and explains why war is not an inescapable facet of human nature. Drawing upon diverse fields from biology to anthropology to psychology, the author outlines a coherent strategy to end war, setting such a campaign in its historical context and explaining why a great paradigm shift in conflict resolution, from economies based on war to economies based on ending war, could occur within a relatively short period of time. This book is a collection of the core essays on this website. It's a book to be read, savored, and shared with anyone wanting to help create a better world.
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